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Camilla Parker Bowles Sends The World Into An Outrage Once Again. This Time, Many Think She’s Taken It Too Far

April 11, 2018

When Kate Middleton or Meghan Markle pay homage to their late mother-in-law, the world swoons. It’s so incredibly heartwarming to see a person remembered and honored respectably.

Kate is seen more often donning styles that Princess Diana wore. Many wonder if it’s sheer coincidence or if she gleans style inspiration from Diana. Though Diana was taken from us far too soon, she's anything but forgotten. To this very day, the world shows their continual support and honor of the late Princess.

Those who faithfully followed Diana through her journey in the spotlight knew every little detail about her. They were familiar with the crowns she wore, the jewelry she owned, and the various ways she styled her hair.

Because of their attention to detail, they also notice when someone wears something that belonged to the late Princess. If it’s Kate, the world gushes with admiration. If it’s Camilla, though, they feel quite differently.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, has been married to Prince Charles for thirteen years now. It’s rumored that she is one of the critical reasons as to the split of Charles and Diana. This reason alone gives many a great distaste for the Duchess. When she was recently spotted wearing a piece of Diana’s jewelry, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Diana had a beloved necklace that was given to her by the Queen Mother as a wedding gift. It was a stunning diamond and emerald piece that was eye-catching and unique. After Diana’s tragic death, the necklace was returned to the family, along with other pieces of her belongings.

Camilla was seen wearing this piece of jewelry, but it has since been turned into a brooch. The style is undeniable, leading many to believe that it is, in fact, Diana’s. Outrage sparked when the connection was made. Is it permissive that Camilla wears anything that belongs to the late Princess, even after all this time?

The history between the two is enough to make any firmly say, “No, never!” While we may never truly know how Camilla feels about Diana, we can only hope that her reason for wearing her brooch was a way for her to pay a subtle tribute to the woman who came before her.

What do you think? Did she wear it to honor Diana?


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