Millions Of People Have Been Squinting To See This Hidden Picture For The Last 40 Years- But Almost No One Can See It- Can You?

April 05, 2018

Over the last 40 years, the world has come to know a series of illusions that are causing quite a stir. Colorful pages of 2D patterns mysteriously allow people to see 3D images- the only problem is, only a small number of people can actually manage to make anything out of these patterns.

Magic Eye is a series of patterns in which autostereograms (repeating 2D patterns create a visual illusion of a 3D image) fill up an entire page. Whilst staring directly at the repeated patterns, one tends to not notice anything specific in or surrounding the image. But then, once your eyes begin to focus, an image appears almost magically, hence the name of the series: Magic Eye.

While millions stare at the images, they grow frustrated and begin thinking that there is no actual image. However, there is a technique to this madness. To discover the hidden 3D image, place your nose directly in the middle of the image. Focus solely on the background of the image. Without moving your eyes and/ or blinking, slowly pull away from the image while still staring at the background of the image. Suddenly, the 3D image will appear and your eyes will naturally refocus and allow you to see and enjoy the 3D image from a normal distance.

Sometimes, the images are simple. You might see a circle, a square, or a planet. However, the next image in the series might be incredibly complex.

Many times, people will stare at these images for hours, unable to see anything. But then, as if out of nowhere, an image will appear. From that point forward, your eyes will be accustomed to the image patterns you’ll be able to discern an image much sooner before.

For example, on the image below, you might first see several shades of vibrant colors in a recurring pattern. But then, after staring more into the background of the photo, you should start to a flying horse. Or rather- a pegasus! If you aren’t able to see it, try to the steps again: put your nose in the center of the photo, star into the background, and slowly move back.

So, are you one of the few that can make out an image in this random series of patterns? Or are you still trying to figure it out? Either way, share this with your friends to test them against the image test of time!

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