Camouflage Cat Naps On A Wood Pile And Nearly Gets Mistaken For Firewood

November 02, 2017

My favorite game growing up was always Hide-and-Seek. I loved it and would play it at every opportunity! While it was my absolute favorite game in the world, I was always really bad at it. Regardless of how good my hiding spot was, something silly would always give my spot away; I would laugh, I would move, or maybe I would get so excited that I would have to run out to go potty in the middle of the game! Strategies for the game are questionable. Many ask, is it a game of luck or a game of skill? I think the answer is a skill (Even if the skill is holding your bladder so you can win). What would you say?

After years of loving the game but being so awful at it, I think I found my new mentor in the age-old game; it’s a cat named Sam. Sam is a cat that lives in the northern mountains of Idaho with his owners, Beth and Mike. While they never set out to actually play Hide-and-Seek, they end up playing it, nearly every day, with their feline.

Beth says, “Sam is a tricky cat. He likes to hide in random places, places that aren’t really even hidden, they’re more like unexpected places for cats to hang out. But he finds somewhere and just lounges there for hours! Sometimes we spend all day looking for him, and he will have been right in front of us!”

Okay, Sam. Now I’ve got a question for you - How do you do it?! I can hardly sit still for ten minutes, let alone all day! That’s impressive! Recently, Sam’s skill of the game almost got him into hot water. One day, Mike ran out to grab a couple of logs from his woodpile. He had cut the wood earlier in the month and had several pieces stacked together. He was looking to heat up the house after a long day and, as he went to grab some wood, he felt something that didn’t feel like wood in the slightest! It was Sam!

Mike had just reached for his camouflage cat, thinking he was wood ready to heat the family home! My heart just skips a beat thinking of this cat’s sneaky skills! Mike said he was startled by the fur and Sam’s gentle purr. Since Sam stayed put on the wood, even after his close call, Mike was able to snap a picture of this sneaky and sleuth-like feline.

All I can say is “Sam - that was a close call buddy!” Were you able to find this sneaky little cat?

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