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Hours Before Her 4th Birthday, Royal Family Reveals Never Before Seen Images Of Princess Charlotte And The Internet Is Going Wild Over It

May 01, 2019

Believe it or not, the most adored Princess in all the world is about to celebrate her fourth birthday!


Princess Charlotte entered the world on May 2, 2015. Her birth was a long-awaited one that people near and far celebrated for days on end. She is the charming second child and only daughter to Prince William and Kate Middleton, making her the fourth in line to the British throne.


The past four years have seemingly flown by and we have had the incredible privilege of getting to watch the little one blossom and grow right before our very eyes. Without a doubt, she brings light and grace to the hectic royal life in which her family has grown accustomed over the years.


Many often compare her smirks, demeanor, and mannerisms to her late grandmother, Princess Diana. Others think that her driven personality and leadership qualities are a mirror image to her great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth.


One of Duchess Kate’s favorite pastimes over the years has become photography. She’s often out and about taking images of her three little ones and she’s gotten so skilled that the royal social media accounts use her imagery quite often.


Now that little Princess Charlotte is to celebrate her fourth birthday, her mother knew it was only fitting to officially release some new, updated photos of the darling girl. Little did anyone know just how precious they were going to be!


Not only did Kate give us one image, but she gave us three! In each picture, Charlotte is seen smiling brightly. Her childhood wonderment and zest for life are apparent in her eyes.


From the moment the images were released, the internet went absolutely wild! The little Princess now looks less like a toddler and more like a young lady. If you ask me, she’s definitely starting to favor her father, William, quite a bit more than she ever has, too!

We hope you have a wonderful birthday, Charlotte! Happy 4th!

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