This Chef Makes What Looks Like Delectable Sushi. When You See How It's Made You Will Want To Make It For Your Kitties, Too

September 12, 2017

Chef Jun believes everyone should be able to eat yummy, satisfying food, even our feline friends! While he says that he is not a professional chef, I think his cats would disagree. Chef Jun decides to film a "How to Make ‘Sushi’ for Your Kitty" video and these lucky cats are sure glad he does!

Chef Jun and his wife, Rachel, live in Japan with their three willing test-tasters, Haku, Poki and, the newest member of the family, Nagi. As Jun slices the fish, the cats watch in eager anticipation, wondering how this new treat will taste. Next, the chef employs the use of a coffee siphon. If you think a coffee siphon is just for making coffee, think again!

The cats watch as their personal chef cuts up edamame and places it into a steamer, along with chicken, fish, and a Japanese mustard spinach leaf. After the ingredients are good and steamed, he chops them up, smashes them until they have a paste-like consistency, and rolls them into balls. Lastly, he starts to put the sushi together.   

I'm sure by this point, Chef Jun’s eager patrons are drooling and licking their chops. The cats are soon served and there is no mistake about it, their person hits this one out of the park! While I have never made sushi for my cats, I think they would probably thoroughly enjoy it if I did. Watch the video, below, to see just how much the cats enjoy this delectable meal and learn how you can make sushi for your favorite feline! 

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