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Children Hear Crying From Underground In Backyard. Shocked, They Begin Digging For The Source. What They Find Is Astonishing!

March 07, 2018

As some children were playing in their backyard, they heard a sound that they had never heard before. A sound that frightened them. They ran to warn their parents, who were certain that their kids were only hearing an imaginary sound.

The children pulled their parents over the where they thought they were hearing the cry. The children brought their parents to an open patch of grass, with nothing in sight. As they were standing on grass, they began to grow frustrated at their children’s “games.” Then, just as they were about to walk back into the house, they heard the same cry!

Utterly confused, they stopped in their tracks and looked all around them. They were in complete disbelief because there was nothing in sight! They heard it one last time. This time, they looked down at their feet. “It’s impossible…” the mother whisper. The mom was terrified and began digging in the grass! She continued hearing the screaming and crying, and while she had no clue what the sound was coming from, she knew it was a baby of some sort.

They dug until they reached a thick plastic pipe! Confused, they stared at the pipe. Then, they heard the scream again!

That’s when the dad pulled out an old power blade and began cutting through the thick plastic piping. After creating a line through the pipe, they used metal bars and began pulling back on the pipe. The pipe was far too strong, and they were only able to lift it inches. Through the inch-wide crack, the saw some heartbreaking...

There was a baby lamb trapped inside the plastic!

Desperate to save the baby lamb, the dad used the blade to cut through the plastic again, this time he created a large enough space for the lamb to come through. The children cheered as the oldest boy attempted to pull out the lamb. After what felt like an eternity, the lamb was finally freed from the pipe! The lamb let out cries of gratitude while the children cheered!

Check out the incredible rescue below… truly, it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.


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