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Cockatoo Lets Out A Fascinating Noise. When You Hear It, You Won’t Believe It’s Coming From A Bird

March 12, 2018

Cockatoos are some of nature’s most entertaining creatures. Their colorful appearance and unique personalities have caused them to become quite a prized bird. But more than their beauty, are their talents with their voice.

Aside from humans, there aren’t any other species that can speak English. Some monkeys and gorillas have learned how to communicate in sign language, but the spoken language is only done by human beings and shockingly enough, some birds!

Cockatoos are amongst the breed of bird that can talk. Some know words, some know phrases, and some have been known to be able to have full on conversations with people!

This cockatoo is taking its voice to the next level. Meet Cookie! She’s a chatterbox of a Cockatoo, to say the least.

Cookie can say several words and have full on conversations with her owners! But that’s not what makes her special… she can actually communicate with another species apart from her own and apart from humans…

Cookie can actually bark!

You read that correctly; Cookie, a cockatoo, can bark! Like a dog. At first, we thought we were being pranked! Cookie really can bark just like a dog, and it’s unbelievable and convincing all at the same time.

Apparently, she’s picked up her animal companion’s communication habits as well as her owner’s. Her bark sounds so much like a dog’s that her owner actually has a difficult time telling them apart. When you listen to the video, you’ll understand why! Have you ever heard a bird bark like a dog?!


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