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College Students Destroy American Flag on Veteran's Day to Protest Trump

November 18, 2016

On the recent Veteran's Day holiday, students from Brown University, American University, and other protest groups around the country completely destroyed American flags. They burned them, ripped them, and stomped them.

According to recent news, people at Brown University set up flags around campus in honor of Veteran's Day. Sometime throughout the day, the flags were found completely defaced, and some even thrown in the trash.

Nicholas Strada, a current student at Brown University, said that he saw this happen and was appalled. As soon as he noticed the flags, he took tape outside and began to try and fix them. He even went as far as asking some of the students to stop with their acts, but got pushback from that.

Another student who was actually a veteran, responded to this occurrence by saying, "As a student veteran, I just want to say I get it and I support you. It hurts a lot though. My community has seen, done, and endured unimaginable things and sometimes the only time it feels like all those terrible sacrifices aren't forgotten is when we see a couple $2 flags on the main green once a year. We were taught to see the flag as a representation of the ideas of freedom and unity we fought for, even though it is rarely achieved. You have assigned the flag a different set of values. Your feelings are so valid, but please be conscious of us and be our friend. Hopefully, somehow we can find a way to support each other."

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