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Australian Engineer Claims To Have Found Missing Malaysian Airliner - And His Revelation Of Why It Crashed Shocks The World

March 19, 2018

Four years have passed and still no sign of the missing aircraft. The flight – carrying 239 people – vanished en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8, 2014, above the Indian Ocean. Despite a widespread search operation and the recovery of minor bits of debris, no sign of the plane - or its passengers - has ever been found.

Most believe that there was some sort of mechanical failure or pilot error that caused the plane to disappear from radar just one hour into the doomed flight. Still, others have more nefarious theories - that of a hijacking or bomb on board.

There has been much speculation about the real cause of the disappearance, and conspiracy theories are a huge part of that speculation.


Now, there appears to be evidence of a completely different scenario, and many are wondering if there is some sort of government cover-up involved and that is why the plane has never been found. Although officials have denied the theory, some wonder if there could be an element of truth to it.

According to the Daily Star, an Australian mechanical engineer named Peter McMahon who has investigated crashes for over 25 years, claims to have found the ill-fated Boeing 777's final resting place. In poring over Google Earth images, he says he spotted the image of a submerged airplane. At 22.5 meters by 30 meters, the object matches the dimensions of the missing aircraft.

The image, taken from Google Maps, appears to show the outline of an aircraft under the surface of the water just ten miles south of Round Island, an islet that lies just north of Mauritius,1550 miles off the Australian coast.

But the most shocking revelation is the reason why investigators haven't found the craft, and it points to a massive cover-up. McMahon insists (although he does not explain how he determined this) that the airplane is riddled with bullet holes, pointing to the fact that it was shot down.

McMahon does not say why the plane was shot down, but we assume he will have more information about his theory as time goes on.

But officials aren't buying the report, saying that the image McMahon saw is from 2009, a full five years before the Malaysian' airliner's disappearance.

Family members are just glad that there is renewed interest in what happened to their loved ones and hope that this report, whether true or false, keeps the incident on the front burner until the truth can be found out - once and for all.

For more on this story, watch the video, below.

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