Days Away From Being Put Down At A High Kill Dog Shelter! With A Radical Change In Appearance, You’ll Be Shocked At Where Destiny Leads This Homeless Dog!

August 03, 2017

Charlie was lost and in the depths of despair.  Roaming the streets, helpless and homeless, life was harsh for sweet Charlie!


Surprisingly enough, life took an unexpected turn for Charlie who was luckily picked up by a local dog shelter.  He now had a warm bed and roof over his head. Unfortunately, this local dog shelter was a high kill shelter who only kept their dogs for a week before they were euthanized.


Poor Charlie had matted hair, agonizing burrs and was in a poor state.  With time ticking it was very unlikely that Charlie would be adopted before the week was over due to his outward appearance.  Fortunately, the shelter did not give up on Charlie and what was destined for his life if no one adopted him.

With no time to waste and hopes to give Charlie a 2nd chance, the shelter sent for a mobile grooming salon where they groomed him with tender loving care.  This changed the appearance of Charlie completely and amazingly enough, Charlie was adopted and found his forever home two days later!

The transformation of Charlie is astonishing to watch and will melt your heart as you watch him go from rags to riches.

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