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Despite The Never Ending Backlash Camilla Parker Bowles Faces, One Hidden Detail Leads Us To Believe There’s Hope For Her Yet In The Royal Family

April 13, 2018

Some people have a way of continually keeping in the spotlight. Whether intentional or not, stories of the British royal family are seen in every news outlet imaginable. Their lifestyle is far different than what we are accustomed to, making them incredibly intriguing.

Some family members have found themselves in a more negative light than the others. One who seems to appear that way more often than not is Camilla Parker Bowles. She had a rather rocky start making her way into the family and, because of it, others have turned their back on her.

She first began to gain attention when she and Prince Charles were romantically involved. Their dating relationship came to an abrupt end when Charles went overseas for the Navy in 1973. During this split, Camilla met her first husband, Andrew Parker Bowles. They soon married and had two children together, Tom and Laura.

As we all know, that marriage ended, and an enormous amount of drama stemmed from it. In 2005, she and Charles tied the knot and had been together ever since. Despite all the backlash Camilla has endured over the years for her extramarital affairs with Charles, there are a few positives notes that have seemingly been hidden from the public.

Believe it or not, before Charles and Camilla got married, Camilla and Andrew’s son, Tom, was Charles’s godson. He was openly accepted into the family and treasured his relationship with his godfather. Now that he is Charles’s stepson, their relationship is still strong.

Prince William and Prince Harry, though deeply hurt by the rumors about their family, openly accepted Camilla, Tom, and Laura into the family. Over the years, the step-siblings have remained close, even attending one another’s weddings.

Laura actually made an appearance in William and Kate’s wedding by serving as a bridesmaid. We can only assume that all will be present for Meghan and Harry’s upcoming wedding in May as well.

The family has done an excellent job overcoming the mirky hurdles laid before them and have come out on the other side victorious. This is something that many have seemingly overlooked over the years, assuming that bitterness still runs rampant in the palace. There may still be some hurt remaining, but they’ve learned how to best cope with the situation at hand in an honorable way.


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