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Diver Gives Grey Seal A Belly Rub. The Seal’s Reaction Is Unreal!

August 17, 2017

Found on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, Gray Seals are truly majestic creatures that live under the sea and for the most part try to avoid people at all cost.   Ranging from 300-900 pounds in weight, these amazing creatures can grow up to ten feet in height.  Beautiful and stunning, they live their life wild and free in the big open sea.  

In this video, you will see a rare occurrence where a grey seal approaches a scuba diver and positions himself inches away from the man’s face.  Eye to eye, the diver reaches out and shakes the seal's hand.  It’s an incredible scene where you find yourself anticipating for what’s to happen next.  

A wild animal that size would typically be one you would think twice before approaching, let alone touching.  This grey seal is a unique individual; with the mannerism of a dog, this seal is begging for attention.  

Right when you think the scene couldn’t get any more fabulous, the seal proceeds to roll on his back where the diver begins a nice little belly rub.  The seal stays calm and grabs the scuba diver’s hand and with his incredible flipper starts tapping the diver’s fingers.  Just picture a dog and the reaction they give once you’ve hit a soft spot. Now picture a man and a several hundred pound grey seal doing the same exact thing!

Comfortable with the man, at one point the seal opens its jaws and gently places its full mouth around the man’s arm.  Again, just like a dog, this love bite shows no aggression.  The final scene will touch your heart as the diver strokes the seal's neck and says goodbye to his new found friend!  

The final scene will touch your heart as the diver strokes the seal's neck and says goodbye to his new found friend!  Never knowing if they will see each other again, only knowing what they’ve experienced together is something they will cherish forever! Watch this incredible encounter!  It’s an experience you won’t wanna miss.


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