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Diver Leaves Camera At Entrance Of Underwater Cave. The Rare Footage Captured Will Give You Serious Goosebumps

March 09, 2018

To say that life in the ocean is miraculous would be a drastic understatement. The underwater world is vastly different than the world on land. The plants, animals, and habitats are so vastly different than things we normally see, and many are undiscovered by humans.

If you’ve ever been snorkeling or diving, you will have gotten a small glimpse at the beauty of the deep. One diver became completely enamored by the sights of the ocean life and wanted to document the vast beauty.

He devised a brilliant plan to take GoPro camera with him and leave it to record some footage. Little did he know just he would capture. He placed the camera at the base of a small cave nestled on the ocean floor. He left it there for quite some time, ensuring that adequate footage was recorded.

After he got the camera back and rewatched his recordings, he was completely astounded by what he saw! Not long after the video started, a little crab took a liking to the mysterious device. Its color and texture were quite unlike anything he’d ever seen before, and he became completely perplexed by the object.

In his curious state, he unknowingly gave the diver all he could have ever wanted and more! The footage of the curious crab was breathtaking, showing every little minute detail of his intricate shell.

We will never know what was going on in his mind while inspecting the camera, but it seems as though he enjoyed the mystery of it. One thing is for sure: He looks like a friendly little fellow!


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