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Diver Saves A Whale's Life. But What The Whale Does Next Is What Stuns Everybody

January 11, 2018

James Moskito, a professional diver was working off the coast of San Francisco with a team of volunteers from the Fallon Islands. As they were out on the water, James noticed a Humpback Whale surfacing from the water and it didn't look like it was doing well. He could tell the whale was distressed. It's not every day you see a whale surface for so long. Usually, whales spend only seconds above water and come up only for air. So James was alarmed by what the whale was doing.

"The whale came up for a breath, came up, put its eye above the surface... looked at me, I could tell it was looking at me and it just stayed there," James said. James swam out to the whale, put his hand on its eye, and told the whale, "I'm here to help you, I'm not going to hurt you."

James swam around the whale and was shocked at what he discovered. He found there was a 3,000-pound anchor attached to the whale's tail. James worked tirelessly for hours trying to free the whale from the one-mile line that was attached and wrapped around her. Finally, he was able to free the huge whale. 

Immediately, the whale started moving around, swimming in circles and figure eights around James. The whale even swam right next to the divers and started to rub against them as if to say "thank you,"  then it dove down. Watch the video to find out what it did next!

If you are anything like me, you may be wondering how a whale sleeps if they have to breathe air. Well, unlike human beings, Humpback Whales are conscious breathers, which means they have to remember to breathe, even while sleeping.

According to Animal Planet, it's believed that Humpback Whales shut off only half of their brain at a time while asleep, so as to be alert enough to breathe.

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