Do You Know What This Antique Item Is?

May 17, 2017

1st Dibs

When you come across an object like this, you have one of two reactions: you instantly are flooded with nostalgic memories or you have no clue what you're looking at. Take a guess, if you may, but unless you grew up in a time where this was used frequently, you might not have an accurate answer.

In today's world, we're accustomed to having gadgets that look and operate much differently than those our parents or grandparents used back in the day. There are objects, though, that we hold near and dear to our hearts. Items like these often can stand the test of time and be more efficient than most of the "newfangled" gadgets on the market today.


With the dawn of technology came various objects for household items. There were items that were electric and could even be used hands-free. Before this time, everything was manual, and there were far less hands-off luxuries available.

Do the images above look familiar to you? Did you, a parent, or a grandparent use this? If you're lucky, you know someone who still has one sitting out on their kitchen counter.


If you guessed coffee grinder, you're correct! The manual coffee grinder was first invented by a gentleman named Richard Dearmann in 1799! Since its creation, this version is still in use to this very day by coffee lovers young and old.

Each of these grinders can hold enough beans for roughly one cup of coffee. While it does take a little manpower to get the perfect grind, it's unbelievably satisfying. As if they weren't already appealing, their appearance is stunning and timeless!

If you prefer using the vintage models over the newer electric ones, you can still find them available on Ebay, Etsy, and various coffee shops around the country.

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