Dog Presumed Dead In Massive Wildfire Is, In Fact, Alive. When Family Reunites They Begin To Sob

October 17, 2017

When a massive wildfire breaks out in Northern California Bill, a family dog, becomes extremely scared and, unfortunately, assumes that escaping his backyard will lead him to safety. As he runs loose on the streets, he frantically keeps on running. His life is in complete disarray and, sadly, he's all by his lonesome without a single loved-one in sight.

When the family realizes their precious fur baby is gone and nowhere to be found, they are filled with devastation and sadness. A wildfire, so massive and so fierce, is a natural disaster that all creatures would want to avoid at all costs. Plus with the flames so close, and all the traffic and people evacuating, one would feel completely helpless when trying to search for their lost canine.

Right when all hope seems lost, the family is contacted by Marin Humane Society with the good news that Bill is, in fact, alive and well. Thankfully, a police officer had come to Bill's aid when he was lost on the streets, and now he is safe and sound. The owners immediately head over to the facility where they patiently wait inside to reunite with their beloved canine.

The time has come. As Bill walks down the hallway of the Humane Society and locks eyes on his owners, his tail begins to wag uncontrollably, and the owners start sobbing tears of joy. They lovingly caress and embrace their dog while wiping the tears falling from their eyes. They thought they had lost him forever, but thankfully destiny had a different plan. It's a beautiful reunion, one that will make you grab some tissues! Enjoy.

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