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Overlooked For 7 Years Until Someone Saw Her Beauty

January 15, 2018

This beautiful, paralyzed stray lived on the streets for years. She was alone, abandoned and injured. People passed by and nobody stopped to help until one day The Orphan Pet found her. They knew they could not leave her in her current condition; they knew they had to do something to help the stray. They named the dog Bianca for she had beautiful white fur.

They quickly realized that, despite the fact that her back legs were paralyzed, she was still a strong, independent dog who seemed to not need anyone, but The Orphan Pet knew that if they could get to her they could change her life.

Though Bianca needed help she was unsure whom she could trust. She was in horrible shape because as she dragged her legs her knees would bleed causing her to have constant pain. Over time, The Orphan Pet gained her trust and all their hard work paid off. Bianca was just waiting for someone to see her beauty and have compassion for her.


The Orphan Pet learned that Bianca's owner used to have a beach bar and that is where the dog lived, but years ago the bar shut down and Bianca continued to live near the bar.

Bianca needed someone to step up and help her in her time of need. She needed someone to look past all the mess to see her as the beautiful dog that she was. A huge thank you to theorpahnpet.com for seeing Bianca's beauty and sharing her story with the world. We are so happy she has found a place to call home. What a beautiful, incredible dog! Watch her story, below.

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