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Doggie Best Friends Don't Make It Easy For Rescuers To Do Their Job, Finally The Team Saves Them Both In The Most Adorable Way

August 18, 2017

Every dog deserves a forever home and there are people all over the world that dedicate their lives to making sure that dogs, and other animals alike, find those homes and live the best life they possibly can. Sometimes rescuers have an easy go of things when an animal is willing to trust them and come along without a struggle. Other times, a rescue can be very difficult when the animal in question is unwilling to trust the people around it.

The rescue attempt in this story seemed to have a little bit of both worlds when rescuers arrived at what they thought would be an easy rescue but they were in for quite the experience. When rescuers with Rescue From The Hart got a call about two stray pups in need of help, they dropped everything and went to the scene. When they arrived, they were greeted by the adorable sight of two small white dogs staying close together on the sidewalk.

The dogs seemed to be close friends so the rescuers knew they would not be able to take one without the other. Because the dogs were on the sidewalk, near a busy street, the rescuers had to be very careful when approaching them, so as not to scare them for fear they may run into traffic. As the rescuers approached, the pups took notice of them but seemed friendly enough.

The rescuers took some food in their hands and tore it apart so they could give it to the dogs. As the rescuers held out the food, one of the dogs, who was a male, came right up to them and started taking the food from their hands. The other pup, who was a female, however, was less inclined to trust the rescuers.

The female stayed a good distance back and refused to come close enough for the rescuers to touch her. She constantly barked at her male counterpart, as if trying to warn him to stay away from the people. The male dog seemed torn. He wanted to keep eating but he also wanted to listen to his girlfriend. The rescuers decided they had to catch the female first, so they devised a plan to catch her.

The rescuers set up an animal carrier with the open door connected to a long rope that they could pull once the dog was inside. The rescuers put a cheeseburger inside the cage and waited. The two pups approached the cage but, instead of the female going inside to eat, the male went in and the female waited outside. Finally, after what seemed like a hundred different attempts, the female went into the carrier to get the burger. The rescuers close the door behind her and, to their surprise, the dog was not upset at all. She was content to eat her cheeseburger and be carried away.

The male dog obviously wanted to go with his girlfriend and let the rescuers pick him up without a fight. The two pups were taken to a shelter and given warm baths and fur trims. They were also given new names. Monica and Chandler. It was obvious that the two dogs loved each other and were inseparable so they came as a package deal for whatever forever home wanted to take them in. Thank goodness for the kind rescuers that had enough patience and love to save both of the doggie love birds. Watch the entire rescue in the video below!

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