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Viral TV Star, Dr. Phil, Narrowly Escapes Major Lawsuit After New Evidence Surfaces To The World

December 06, 2018

Today is Dr. Phil’s lucky day.


On June 5th, 2018, viral daytime television star, Dr. Phil, hit a skateboarder with his car.

The man who was hit, Terrence Bembury, was riding his skateboard through an intersection when Dr. Phil, formally known as Phil McGraw, attempted to pass a van in the intersection. Terrance continued through the intersection without stopping as Dr. Phil’s vehicle approached Terrance.

Dr. Phil immediately hit his breaks, but not before Terrance was hopped off his skateboard and jumped out of the way.

It was believed that Terrance had not suffered any damage and had even shaken Dr. Phil’s hand after chatting with him in the window briefly. However, while Dr. Phil might have assumed Terrance’s cooperation, Terrance had ulterior motives.


E! News had originally reported an Instagram story that Terrance Bembury had taken just minutes after the accident. The stories shared a series of photos (which have since been deleted) of himself in the hospital. He also confirmed that he would be suing Dr. Phil for injuries and missing two days of work.

Fox News reports that during the event, a spokesperson for Dr. Phil revealed that Dr. Phil had assured that the man was okay prior to leaving the scene. The spokesman also confirmed that Dr. Phil said that he would cooperate if law enforcement got involved.


However, it was soon discovered that Terrance Bembury had, in fact, did hire a lawyer who was planning to sue Dr. Phil. While the tabloids had a field day about a potential lawsuit, Dr. Phil patiently waited for security footage to exonerate him.


Finally, on December 6th, 2018, the official security footage was officially released. TMZ first obtained the video and revealed what really happened at the scene. It was discovered that Dr. Phil had “barely tapped” Terrance and that Terrance had looked before crossing. He had also hopped off his skateboard and had a short conversation with Dr. Phil. The two had shaken hands before going their separate ways.

The footage had led Terrance Bembury’s lawyer, John H. Mardoyan, to drop the case against Dr. Phil. John Mardoyan commented on the matter by sharing, “ After viewing the video footage, we have decided to no longer represent Terrence Bembury in the matter.”

That was a close call for Dr. Phil! We are happy he and Terrance are okay!

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