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Dream Moment Frozen In Time When Bride To Be Wows Deaf Groom With Breathtaking Song

February 26, 2018

The venue was small but beautiful. Each chair at the end of each aisle was decorated with small branches covered in delicate dark green leaves but the only flowers one could see were on the bride’s dress.

This wedding was going to be different from the start as Elizabeth is not deaf, but Scott is. This massive difference though did not keep them from falling in love even though she didn’t know any sign language before they met!

When her 14-year-old son stopped walking her down the isle Elizabeth said, “Scott was confused”. He had no idea what she was about to do when her face became flush and her nerves went wild stopping so far away from him. She picked the song 1000 Years and performed it beautifully as if she had been signing her entire life.

While there will be struggles in their marriage that are unique to one person being deaf in the marriage, she said 'I know I'm being heard. He actually had the words "I see you" engraved in my ring. He makes me feel seen and heard.' After all, isn’t that the one thing we all want in life?

As Elizabeth finished the song, Scott’s eyes filled with tears of joy as his soon to be wife expressed her deep love for him in front of their family and friends. She said she was very nervous, “But as soon as I locked eyes with Scott, I was signing to him like we were the only ones in the room.”

“I got lucky on the day, I didn't make any mistakes. Everything just came naturally from my heart, and not my head.”

To be honest, my eyes teared up as I watched the video too and I won’t be surprised if you do also!