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Duchess Kate’s Stunning Appearance At Royal Wedding Proves Why We Love Her So Much

May 22, 2018

Even though it was Meghan and Harry’s big day, we couldn’t help but reserve some of our curiosity and affection for another well-loved Royal - none other than Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Normally, all the guests at a wedding fade into the background in light of the beauty and magnificence of the bride (ok - and the groom) but in this case we can be forgiven for taking our eye off the bride for a moment or two and turning it toward someone we have been dying to see.

When it was announced that Kate would be attending the wedding of her brother-in-law and his bride-to-be, we were overjoyed at the prospect of seeing one of our favorite royals back in the public eye. After all, she had just given birth to her third child less than one month before the wedding so we were, naturally, curious as to how she is doing.

We did get that tiny glimpse earlier in the week when the Duchess of Cambridge was spotted out walking on the grounds of Kensington Palace with Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. But in that case, she was in casual clothes, her hair did not bear the iconic 'Kate blowout,' and her clothes were not what we are used to seeing.

Regardless, it was great to see her and it made us all the more excited about the wedding when she would be decked out and groomed as we have become accustomed to seeing her.

Then the day came and it was not at all what we expected. She arrived escorting the junior attendants of Meghan’s wedding party, and she remained unobtrusive, seemingly relegated to the background. We had to wonder if it was intentional, or just a by-product of her role in the affair.

She was dressed smartly, but not ostentatiously. She wore an ensemble that we had seen at least two times before, and she seemed a bit subdued, even tired in her demeanor.

Granted, she has a weeks-old infant and, even though she and William do have a nanny, we hear that she is very hands-on when it comes to the care of he children. That means that she is, in all likelihood, getting up in the middle of the night for Louis’ feedings and experiencing that all-too-common sleep deprivation that all “ordinary” new parents have to endure.

We do not mean to imply that we were disappointed in any way, shape, or form. On the contrary. We admire the way she was able to get herself together and her bravery for facing the media and the public, knowing that every inch of her would be subjected to intense scrutiny. And, all being said and done, we think she looked remarkable for having so little time to “whip herself into shape” after Louis’ April 23rd arrival.

To re-live some of the best moments of the day, and to maybe catch a glimpse of the lovely Duchess of Cambridge, watch the video, below.


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