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Duchess Kate Secretly Requests This Even Though She’s Been Warned Not To For Her Own Health

March 26, 2018

Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, happens to be one of the most well-known people in the world. Her life is publicized beyond desire and since her entry into the world’s most prestigious family, she’s only become more famous.

Kate balances so much within her life; she is a loving wife (to the future King of England), and mother to two children, and she’s expecting a mother on the way. She’s also a busy member of Britain’s Royal Family and spends much of her time working with charities and community programs.

Managing her health is the last thing Kate Middleton has time to think about, but somehow, she still makes time for diet and exercise. However, there is one thing that she can’t say no to.

Kate’s biggest struggle when it comes to her health is surprising, to say the least. While she’s typically a health-conscious person, she has a hard time saying no to this one thing…

Sticky toffee pudding!

Yes, it’s as random as it sounds! Kate loves a good serving of the sweet treat, no matter what time of year it is, a sticky toffee pudding also manages to be at the top of Kate’s list of indulgences!

Even though Kate’s diet is strict and her meals include only very healthy foods, she can’t get enough of the dessert! She’s been told not to eat it because of the amount of sugar that’s in it but she really can’t help herself. Even William tries to help her say no to the decadent dessert, but when she sees the sticky toffee pudding, she just can’t resist!

One of her favorite places to have the sweet treat is at a local restaurant called Old Boot Inn! Kate and her family have been known to come in throughout the week and order the deeply desired sticky toffee pudding. The chef, Rhody Warot, says that the Middleton family are regulars are the inn. Kate’s assistant will even place an occasional order one days when Kate needs a little extra sweet treat. Sometimes, the craving is just too strong!

Do you have any cravings for decadent desserts like sticky toffee pudding? Kate’s sold out on the goody and no matter how bad it may be for her, she just can’t say no! We wonder if her baby is enjoying all of the tasty treats it's getting through this pregnancy!


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