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Duchess Kate Told To ‘Beware’ Of Baby #3! If Not, She Will Go Into Early Labor And Deliver At Home

April 11, 2018

The Duchess of Cambridge has been given serious warning in the final days of her third pregnancy. Kate, who is only days away from delivering her third child, is being advised to give very specific attention to her body and her baby's movements in the final days of her pregnancy.

Kate is set to deliver in late- April 2018, and as the month quickly progresses, Kate’s final days in pregnancy are being spent at home where she can give her body all of the attention it needs. She has been on maternity leave since late- March and hopes that her time at home will give her a chance to rest before the baby arrives.

During her first pregnancy, Kate began suffering from a rare disorder called hyperemesis gravidarum (HG). HG is a horrendously troublesome condition that appears in pregnancy and causes severe nausea, dizziness, and dehydration.

While Kate has already gone through two pregnancies with HG, her third pregnancy has proven to be far more taxing. Not only has the Duchess managed to work long days since announcing her pregnancy, but she’s also stayed busy with her two little toddlers, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Now, only days before her due date, Kate has been given very serious instruction that if not followed, could bring about a very different labor that what's been planned. Kate has been told to beware of her body’s reactions and her baby’s movements. If early signs of labor are overlooked, it is very possible that Kate will go into labor at a moment’s notice and not enough time will be given to travel to the hospital.

Because this is Kate’s third child, her chances of an speedy labor are extremely high. Also, her divided attention amongst two other children will be a massive factor in her delivery. Knowing that her mind is focused on others has caused her advisors to warn her to keep very specific attention.

A professional advisor, Clare Livingstone, said third-time mothers like Kate - whose attention is divided more often than not - need to be aware of any changes in the run-up to delivery. "She’s probably much more tired so it's the importance of rest, nutrition, hydration, monitoring baby's movements and reporting any noticeable difference with that."

If Kate wants to stick to her birth plan and deliver at St. Mary’s Hospital, it is imperative that she remains strictly attentive to her body and her baby’s movements in the final days of her pregnancy.

Royal Baby #3 is just around the corner. Please keep Kate in your prayers as her attention is so naturally divided amongst her children, husband, and family. She needs to focus on herself and her baby right now if she wants the labor and delivery to be smooth!


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