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One Member Of The World Famous Duggar Family Released Image That The Internet Cannot Stop Talking About - Once You See It, You’ll Instantly Understand Why

May 31, 2019

One of the most well-known families has made headlines - yet again - but this time, people cannot stop talking about the reason why.


If you know anything about reality tv, you’ve likely been well-aware of the Duggar family for many years now. They made their grand debut in 2008 when their first episode of 19 Kids and Counting aired on TLC.


Their family dynamics were unlike anything anyone had ever seen. After all, it’s not exactly common for a family to have 17 children all born from the same mother and father living under one roof.

The television show lasted until 2015 and over the course of those seven years, fans came to know and love all the many members of the family as they watched the children grow up right before their very eyes.


Over the years, many of the children have gotten married and started families of their very own and despite the show’s ending, fans still are eager to see more from the kiddos and their lives.

Recently, one of the daughters shared a touching photo that fans have gone wild over, and it’s very easy to see why. Anna Duggar, who is happily married to the eldest Duggar son, is currently pregnant with her sixth child.


While spending time with her sisters-in-law on Easter Sunday, she quickly came to realize that she was not alone in this pregnancy venture. No, not one sis but four others were also expecting! It was certainly an event worth documenting.


She captioned the image: “#Throwback to Easter Sunday when the five pregnant Duggar sisters got our first group picture together! #littleduggars” Beside her stood Lauren, Kendra, Jessa, and Joy-Anna and proudly showing their large and small baby bumps.


While it was so much fun to see the Duggar kids grow up, it is even more exciting for everyone to see the next generation come to be. We hope all the mamas-to-be in the family have safe and healthy pregnancies!

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