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Duke William And Duchess Kate Refuse To Let These Things Slide As They Raise Their Children. Now, Their Firm Parenting Techniques Are Stunning The World

May 30, 2018

If you’ve ever looked at the British Royal Family and wondered how on Earth four-year-old Prince George and three-year-old Princess Charlotte manage to stay so well behaved in massively public appearances, don’t worry- everyone else is wondering the same exact thing.

Children are truly God’s gift to Earth, but sometimes they can be beyond difficult to handle. From spontaneous tantrums to sibling fights, children are predictably one thing: unpredictable.

So what in the world do the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge doing to instill stellar skills in their children? Here are some of the parenting techniques that they refuse to compromise on.

Active Listening. While not revolutionary, active listening is a skill that requires a parent to stop everything they’re doing and give their child total undivided respect and patience as their children work through a scenario. Kate has been known to stop what she’s doing, kneel down to her children’s eye level, and take the time to actively listen to what her children are working through.

Being Normal. If you’re growing up in palaces and traveling in private planes, than it’s clear that you’re not living a “normal life.” But that never stops William and Kate from making time for normal experiences nonetheless. This is something that William and Harry claim they learned from their late mother, Princess Diana.

In an interview with E! News, they shared the very intentional decisions that their mother made: “She made the decision that no matter what, despite all the difficulties of growing up in that limelight and on that stage, she was going to ensure that both of us had as normal life as possible. And if that means taking us for a burger every now and then or sneaking us into the cinema, or driving through the country lanes with the roof down in her old school BMW to listen to Enya I think it was... part of her being a mom.” Awe!

Last but certainly not least, William and Kate do their best to encourage their children to acknowledge their feelings. William shared that it’s “important for George and Charlotte to talk about their feelings and emotions.” The Duke believes that it’s an invaluable skill to be able to articulate one’s achievements and difficulties.

Of course, Prince George and Princess Charlotte do have their moments. They are children, after all! 

These skills might sound revolutionary to some and well-known to others, but the most important thing to remember in raising children is show them love, kindness, and patience each and everyday. What are some parenting skills that you were raised with and now raise your own children with? Let us know in the comments!


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