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Edie Was Sentenced To Death Because Of Her Aggression. When Rescuers Learned The Reason Behind It, Everything Changed

February 19, 2018

Bronwyne Mirkovich works at the Lancaster animal shelter, where she helps the dogs get the chance they need to survive. When she came across one of the dogs, Edie, an extremely matted and terrified Maltese, she knew that this special dog needed more than a helping hand.

As a result of Edie’s fear, she had become very aggressive and the shelter decided to euthanize her. Bronwyne stepped in with less than an hour to go, and arranged a meeting with Eldad from Hope For Paws, praying that he would be willing to take her on and make sure she got the chance she needed.

Eldad met her at the veterinarian’s hospital, and from the first moment, it was clear how scared she was. As the crate was opened, she began to snarl and snap, leaving them no choice but to take the crate apart around her in hopes of lowering the aggression.

When the crate was taken apart, Eldad held out a leash in hopes of capturing the small dog so that they could begin to tame her. She scrambled back into the corner, teeth flashing. Slowly, Eldad placed his Lucky Leash around her, ensuring her safety.

As the leash tightened around her neck, she began to thrash, afraid for her very life. She didn’t realize that by fighting him, she was only putting herself further onto Death Row. Luckily, Eldad isn’t one to give up on a dog, and he merely sat there. When she became so frightened that she actually pooped, he was forced to pull her into his lap to keep her safe and clean.

It didn’t take Edie long to settle down and realize that they were actually there to help her. She even gave them her very first tail wag. She finally understood that she was safe for the first time in a long time, and she was given a good bath and a grooming before being placed in a home through the American Maltese Association.