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Ex-Wife Of World Famous Golfer Tiger Woods Slinks Out Of The Shadows, Making Startling Announcement - The Internet Is Coming Undone Over Her Admittance

June 12, 2019

One very familiar face has recently made headlines in a major way and fans across the globe continue to chatter incessantly about it.


I’m sure everyone recalls the ginormous fiasco that occurred in 2010 with the world-famous golfer, Tiger Woods, was exposed on cheating scandals.


He had been married to his wife, Elin Nordegren, for six years and they shared two children together: Sam Alexis and Charlie Axel. It was a nasty split where no stone was left unturned and many wondered if Tiger’s career would ever be able to recover.


Thankfully, over time, they have both grown and gone their separate ways, all the while trying to raise their children in healthy, well-rounded environments. Now, nine years later, Elin is back in the headlines once more, but this time, her reason is drastically different.


The 39-year-old former model was spotted out and about sporting none other than a blossoming baby bump! It was something no one ever expected to see on her, and the questions concerning the pregnancy have swirled non-stop.


According to reports, Elin was attending Charlie’s football game when her growing baby bump was spotted. It was nothing she had ever officially announced to the public and has yet to confirm the identity of the father.

One close source stated: “When Elin showed up, no one knew she was pregnant. She has to be a few months. If not a few months, then further.” Many have concluded that the last love interest Elin was spotted with was her billionaire ex-boyfriend, Chris Cline.


Some have begun to wonder just how Tiger is taking the new and highly unanticipated news. Some have concluded that it’s likely he’s not made any comments to the situation but is happy to see his ex-wife happy. He has since moved on and is in a happy relationship with girlfriend Erica Herman.

We wish Elin a safe and healthy pregnancy!

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