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Emperor Penguins Make Exciting Discovery In Antarctica. When You See The Footage, You Won’t Believe It

March 08, 2018

Ahh, Antarctica. The continent that is every explorer’s dream venture; where temperatures can drop to below -128 degrees Fahrenheit, where some of the world’s most rare animals live, and the place that many of us will ever be seen via video and photograph. The world of Antarctica is truly a wonder.

Some of the most fascinating animals in Antarctica are whales, seals, sea lions, and of course, penguins. Since we don’t get to see these animals every day, we only know very little about them.

But thanks to one researcher in Antarctica, the world is getting a very close look at one of the rare animal residents in Antarctica. There is a small team of researchers who have dedicated their lives to discovering Antarctica and together, they make it possible for the rest of the world to discover it too (with the help of technology, of course).

Eddie Gault, one of the researchers at the Australian Antarctic Division, left a camera amongst a flock of Emperor Penguins. While he had hoped to capture some never-before-seen habits from the birds, he was absolutely shocked when he watched the footage back.

The penguins noticed the camera and waddled over to it. They were curious about what exactly it was, and without wasting any time, they began playing with it! The result is the very first penguin selfie video!

Australian Antarctic Division shared the footage on their Instagram and the world just can’t seem to get enough of the two star penguins. Getting up close and personal with these rare animals is a real treat.

They’re absolutely fascinated by the camera! Check out the very first penguin selfie ever! It’s a hoot!


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