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Experts Say THIS Is How Long You Can Really Eat Leftovers Without Getting Sick

April 28, 2017

When preparing a meal, most people spend quite a bit of time chopping, sautéing, and baking. By the time you're done, you know you've put in quite a bit of work.

There's normally a lot of leftovers, which you definitely want to make the most of them! They're absolutely perfect for those grab-and-go lunches or even a small afternoon pick-me-up snack.

If you're anything like me, it's easy to accidentally forget those Tupperware containers full of deliciousness.


After a few days, are they still edible? Sometimes the food doesn't always show signs of spoilage, such as mold or a foul smell.

The USDA has a super simple rule of thumb for knowing if your food is good: If it's been in your refrigerator for more than four days, it's gotta go!

If you choose to stick them in the freezer before the four days has elapsed, the USDA says that food can be kept there indefinitely as long as they don't thaw at some point or become freezer burnt.


If you want to freeze your meal, place it in a shallow container or a gallon-sized bag and flatten out the ingredients so they freeze faster. This also will help prevent bacteria from growing in the dishes.

Once you're ready to eat, bring the food internal temperature to 165 degrees F to make sure to kill off any potential bacteria that could be within the food.

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