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It Was The Worst They Had Ever Seen - Filthy Basement Full Of Puppies, Crammed Into Rusty Cages. Did They Get There In Time?

October 10, 2018

No words could describe what the Humane Society encountered in the repugnant surroundings of the shabby domicile in Cabarrus County, North Carolina. Beyond what the human eye could see hid an odious secret, and their first glance at the vile spectacle brought tears to their eyes.

There, in the dingy, fetid surroundings were 130 trapped puppies, ensconced in rusty, jagged cages, covered in feces and filth. It was the worst they had ever seen, and a sight they are sure to never forget.

One pup, in particular, appeared to have had a particularly reprehensible plight. One of the angels who came to save the day remarked that the sweet girl with the sad eyes had been "bred over and over and over again," most likely having never set foot outside of the basement that housed the puppy mill.

In fact, once brought out of the darkness and into the light, the sweet mama had a difficult time adjusting to the brightness of the sun, squinting to prevent the glare from hurting her sensitive eyes.

This little girl won the hearts of the team right away, and they quickly named her B.B., perhaps because of her resemblance to a lamb ("baa, baa").

Once they found her a forever home, she was able to leave the shelter and start adjusting to her new surroundings. Her mom, Brenda Tortoreo, made it her life's mission to give this darling girl the life she had so sadly missed.

It wasn't easy at the beginning. "When I brought her home, she slept for a week and a half; she was exhausted." But, gradually, and with all the love in Brenda's heart to give to B.B., the sweet girl started to find out what a dog's life could be like.

In Brenda's own words, "She would be in your arms 24/7 if you'd let her." She went on to explain why this was okay with her, "She didn't know what love was. She didn't know what touch was."

Unable to hold back the tears, Brenda choked the following words, "I'm sure she was in that cage her whole life, that is just heartbreaking."

Now, B.B. has the life she was always meant to have, her days filled with walks in the yard, playing with her pals, and snuggling up to her devoted mom whenever she gets the chance.

Oh, yes. And she has more toys than she knows what to do with, but her mom has something to say about that: “That’s a lot of toys, I know, but she’s never had a toy in her life,” Brenda explains, and it appears this doting mom is going to make up for lost time!

To see the entire story of B.B.'s amazing journey from pure misery to utter joy, watch the video, below.

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