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Filthy Discovery Found Inside Of The Royal's Home - But They Refuse To Do Anything To Fix It

July 26, 2018

The British Royal Family is undeniably the most iconic and famous family in the world. After centuries of monarchy, they have become the world’s symbol of wealth, power, and fairytale. Living in lavish palaces and castles around the world and riding in horse-drawn carriages, the British Royal Family proves to be simply magical.

In this day and age with social media, the world has such a different perspective on the Royal Family then they did 30 years ago; today we can keep up with the Royal Family’s every move; we can watch weddings in real time, we can open up any media outlet and read about the latest, and and we can even see princes and princesses just hours after they’re born.

While the Royal Family once felt so far removed from everyday life, they now seem more relatable than ever. Although, as much as we follow and discuss the British Royal Family, will likely never have any idea what it’s like to be a part of it. But there are some who do know what it’s like royal servants.

While being a servant doesn’t sound like a glamorous job, the role of a royal servant is highly coveted. For many, serving the Royal Family in a palace is the highest forms of service. Royal servants will spend their whole lives just hoping for a chance to hold a family member’s towels. And with search privileged interactions, the royal servants learn more truth about the Royal Family than anyone else.

In a documentary on YouTube called Royal Servants, former servants share their experiences serving the Royal Family. Royal servants do everything from styling the Queen to open Prince Phillips blinds every morning. Living in such close proximity, royal servants often pick up quirky habits, pet peeves, and filthy habits of royal family members that outsiders would never consider.

Believe it or not, one of the most necessary jobs amongst royal servants is a carpet cleaner. In the Royal Family, a royal servant who cleans carpets simply doesn’t go into every room with a vacuum. Instead, a royal carpet cleaner carries a broom and dustpan everywhere with them to collect any dust and crumbs off the ground. Why don’t royal servants clean the carpet with high-powered vacuums? And while sweeping carpets is a little gross, there's a reason why the Queen and other members of the family prefer it.

The reason why? The royal family simply does not like to be disturbed by the sound of the vacuum cleaner. If you think about it, the vacuum would basically always have to be running to keep a space like Buckingham Palace cleaned all the time. Serving the Queen and the Royal Family is an honor and even those who fight to keep the carpets spotless take pride in the work.

I don't know about you, but the idea of a carpet only ever being swept is kinda gross! Think of all the food and dirt that gets stuck in the carpet! With never having a vacuum inside Buckingham Palace, they've probably got dirt in there from when Queen Victoria lived there in the 1830's! What do you think about this?


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