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Find Out What the OLDEST People in the World Eat and Drink Every Day!

December 30, 2016

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be one of the oldest living humans on the planet?

I mean, if you really sit down and think about everything they've seen in their 100+ years on this earth, it's pretty spectacular!

BonAppetit.com sat down and interviewed some of the oldest living people to ask them what they ate and drank on a typical basis. This is fascinating!

1. Emma Morano - the World's Oldest Person. She recently turned 117!!

Ever since Emma was a teenager growing up in Italy, she has eaten three raw eggs a day. Now she's cut back to just two a day. She also really enjoys eating bananas, ladyfingers, and good brandy. "But I do not eat much because I have no teeth," she said.

When asked for how she's lived so long? She's single.

2. Yisrael Kristal - the World's Oldest Man. He's 113!

He was the only member in his entire family to survive the Holocaust. He also was the owner of a candy shop in Poland before the war and then reopened it after the war had ceased.

His daughter credits his long life to his love for God, living a simple life, and being "someone who take happiness in everything."

She also told the New York Times that he eats to live rather than lives to eat. With that being said, he enjoys pickled herring every single day, and in his younger days he enjoyed drinking wine and beer. 


3. Susannah Mushatt Jones - the World's Oldest Person until May 2016 - 116 years old!

 Susannah lived in Brooklyn. Every day for breakfast, she enjoyed four pieces of bacon - her favorite food - with a side of eggs and grits.

"I never drink or smoke," she said. "I surround myself wit love and positive energy. That's the key to long life and happiness." 

4. Adele Dunlap - Oldest American - 113 years old! 

Adele lives in New Jersey. She has always eaten whatever she wants to.

She occasionally enjoyed a martini with her husband. She used to smoke and "never went out jogging or anything like that," her son told USA Today. Currently, she enjoys eating oatmeal the most.

5. Misao Okawa - Oldest Living Person until 2015 - 117 years old!

In Japan, there are over 65,000 centenarians, Misao held the record for being the World's Oldest Person until her death in 2015. She told The Guardian, "You have to learn to relax," in order to reach that age, along with getting plenty of sleep.

Her favorite food was sushi, especially mackerel on vinegar-steamed rice. Yum!