Mickey Mouse Helped Surprise Foster Kids Janielle And Elijah And Made Them The Happiest Kids In The Park

December 18, 2017

Park reps quickly got to work putting everything in place for the kids' magical surprise! They were told that they would be going to have a meet and greet with Mickey Mouse. When they got there, they met Mickey and he signed their books as promised. Then he did a card trick for them, but of course, he had something even better and more magical up his sleeve!

The kids take a few pictures with Mickey and then some with their whole family and Mickey. That is when they reveal to them their adoption date! The kids are so surprised and you can tell that they are just overjoyed by the news! I'm not sure many people could watch this without crying. I know I couldn't. I think it's safe to say that the Gilmour family was the Happiest FAMILY in the Happiest Place On Earth that day! 

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