French Bulldog Naps With His Favorite Toy. When You See What That Is You’ll Be Rolling

September 12, 2017

We all had that favorite stuffed animal as a child. You know...the one you took everywhere and never left behind. If you ever headed out on a road trip or overnighter at a friends house, this fluffy toy was bound to be with you.

It accompanied you during every nap and, without this wonderful toy, you were destined for a restless night. It was your best friend, comforter, and protector.


In this video, you will discover that people aren’t the only ones who prefer cuddling fluffy toys. This adorable French Bulldog shares the same love for stuffed animals. Lying there in a deep sleep, snuggling with his adorable pink piggy, he’s enjoying a peaceful, blissful nap with his friend, not a care in the world. it’s so cute!


We can all assume that, when he awakens, he will be energized, happy, and ready to take on the day, full-force. A nice little rejuvenating nap with his sweet friend is bound to make his day more productive and off to another great start!

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