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One Insane Detail About Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s New Home Has Been Kept Under Wraps. Now, People Are Losing Their Minds Over The News

March 08, 2019

There’s only one topic people want to talk about on the internet nowadays over anything else - MEGHAN AND HARRY!

From their romantical whirlwind romance to their quickly growing family, people all over the globe want to know anything and everything they can about the famous royal duo.

Do you blame them? There’s something so otherworldly about the life they live, much more unique and different than the way us “common folk” do.

First of all, they’re legitimately royal. That’s most little girls’ dream when they’re young is to grow up to be royal, isn’t it? Well, Mrs. Sussex grew up to do just that - and then some!

Amid the influx of curiosity surrounding the couple, people want to know more and more about the details of their everyday life. These types of things are often kept very under-wraps since the British Royal Family is notorious for their privacy away from the view of the media.

Several months ago shortly following the grand announcement that the Sussex family would be welcoming a little one into the world, another announcement was made letting us know that before the baby was born, they’d be moving!

They were currently residing in Nottingham Cottage which is located within Kensington Palace but have since opted for a different residence, one that is more secluded and set apart from the hustle and bustle of the daily royal duties.

They’ve made plans to move into the Frogmore Cottage. The cottage is nestled neatly on a 35-acre plot of land just 30 miles outside of London. This royal location was not kept up as much as others, so they’ve had to do a great deal of renovation before they make the big move over.

Aside from its beautiful countryside views and secluded privacy, there’s much more to the location than truly meets the eye.

One of the less publicized facts about Frogmore is that it is home to a very private royal family burial ground. Here, the bodies of some of history’s most iconic members were laid to rest in the Royal Mausoleum. This mausoleum holds Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s mother, King Edward VIII and his wife Wallis Simpson.

Atop this, there is also a small chapel nestled on the grounds as well where other prominent royal family members are buried. Here’s you’ll find at least “10 kings dating back to 1492 and other royals such as Princess Margaret.”

How neat is that? While they are locating for purposes we may never know, they are soon going to live in one of the most legendary and historically-filled plots of land in all of England. What a place to call home!

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