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Couple Finds Cat Totally Frozen And Unresponsive In Frigid Winter Temperatures. What They Do Next Will Absolutely Take Your Breath Away

February 07, 2019

The winter months of 2018 and 2019 have proven they’re not messing around. Temperatures all across the states have varied wildly with some states hitting all-time record lows and dreadfully freezing drops.

Snow covers the ground in many areas, making even the somewhat “warmer” days feel frigid and bone-chilling. The state of Montana has been one that has consistently stayed in the negative temperatures.

It was so cold that in a town called Kalispell, one tiny little creature was on the verge of death from the horrifically cold weather. It’s times like this that make you wonder if cats truly do have nine lives.

A grey and white cat known as Fluffy was found outside in the icy snow. She was completely frozen stiff and utterly unresponsive. When her owners found her, they shrieked in fear, knowing that the worst had happened to their beloved pet.

They immediately rushed her to the local veterinarian clinic to get her checked out. No matter what it took, they were going to do everything they could to save this little feline’s life. When the veterinary staff tried to take Fluffy’s temperature, they were absolutely astounded to see that her body temperature was so low that it never even registered on the thermometer.

This let them know they didn’t have much time and they would have to work quickly. They pulled out all the resources they could to restore little Fluffy back to health as safely and as rapidly as possible. They grabbed warm water, heated blankets, and heating pads all with the hopes of bringing her back to life.

As if by sheer miracle, all their valiant attempts worked! Fluffy soon began to move and stir around as her body began to warm up once again. In no time at all, the big balls of snow had melted away and her soft, grey and white fur were clean and dry.

Her owners couldn’t believe how blessed and lucky they were to be able to take their precious pet home. As soon as they arrived, they knew just what they had to do to prevent this from ever happening to their cat. Fluffy became a permanent indoor resident from that moment on!

They wanted to be sure and share their story to remind others to take extreme caution in the cold winter months with pets. Always be sure they have warm, clean, dry shelters and, if need be, bring them indoors and out of the blistering cold.

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