Girl Adopts Ragged, Runt Kitten That Nobody Wanted. Over Time He Transforms And It's Quite Shocking To See

August 11, 2017

This tiny little runt was unwanted and waiting for someone to take him home to simply give him a chance. He may have been smaller than the rest but he had a personality like no other and he was about to shock everyone. 

Justina Strumilaite saw him and fell in love. The tiny runt only had two toes on his right paw and because he was so small he had a hard time eating on his own. He was so tiny and sick they were not sure if he was going to make it. But Justina was up for the challenge so she took him home and named the runt, Brownie. Slowly but surely she nursed him back to health by giving him the attention and love he needed to survive.

As Brownie began to eat on his own, he started to grow and grow. As he grew he got fluffier and fluffier. Soon, this tiny runt became a giant cat and Justina said he was “a hyper little ball of fur.” today, Brownie thinks he is the king of the castle aka the house. It’s crazy to look back at his start in life and how far he has come. Not only did he grow bigger, he surpassed all other cats. This enormous cat surprised everyone. I wish I had a cat like Brownie!
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