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Holiday Package Thief Stopped Dead In His Tracks When Brilliant YouTuber Crafted Ingenious Solution To The Ever-Growing Problem

December 19, 2018

Online shopping can be both a curse and blessing. One one hand, you literally have the world at your fingertips and can order anything from food to Christmas presents of all shapes and sizes with the simple click of a button.


Thanks to Amazon Prime, the easy access is even more tempting. Ordering is quicker and easier than ever before, giving more people reason to buy all they need online instead of venturing in store.

While that is all well and good, there is a darker side to the situation. While many trust that when they arrive home they’ll find their packages stacked and waiting by their doorstep, this isn’t always the case.


A new term deemed “package thief” has surfaced and describes those individuals who take it upon themselves to steal packages from doorsteps. Because of this escalating problem, many have purchased surveillance cameras for their front porches.

This doesn’t always stop packages thieves from looting porches, sadly. One YouTuber became fed up with it and knew there was something that could be done to prevent this from continually happening.


Mark Rober is a trained engineer and he put his skills to the test. He created a box filled with a glitter bomb. This glitter bomb explodes roughly a pound of glitter on the perpetrator upon opening. His brilliant invention has gained over 22 million views in just a few days and people are willingly emulating his genius tactics.


Check out the video below to see how this works! Would you try this?!

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