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'Foxy' Biker Granny Gets Unbelievable Makeover - And When You See Her, You Won’t Believe It’s The Same Person

September 14, 2018

Every woman 'of a certain age' has wondered what it would be like to have a makeover. If you’re like me, you’ve worn your hair the same way for decades and your wardrobe could definitely use an updating. Lots of things may have stood in your way when contemplating making a drastic change in your appearance.

But if Rachael Ray offered you the opportunity of a lifetime, one that would alter your long-held impression of yourself, would you take her up on it?

That's exactly what happened for Lisa, a guest on the popular "Rachael Ray" daytime talk show. The exuberant host and soap opera star Susan Lucci put their heads together and concocted this scheme to breathe a breath of fresh air into this Biker-Granny's life.

Lisa was obviously a nice-looking woman, to begin with. I mean who could miss those striking cheekbones and that glowing smile? But her hairstyle and her choice of attire may not have been doing justice to her youthful vivacity and fit physique.

And that's the direction that Susan Lucci's talented team of stylists took when given the task of transforming this grandma's appearance. Lucci explained that the theme of the makeover was to enable Lisa to stay true to her biker lifestyle while updating her look with a tiny bit of refinement.

Granted, they stylists had a beautiful canvas on which to work, but they must have had a great time using their well-honed skills to find just the right look for this gracefully-aging woman - one that would showcase her natural beauty and let her inner light shine.

What a great sport she was! How terrifying would it be to display yourself before millions of people, only to be told that your look is simply not doing it for you? The only consolation to the potential humiliation is the promise of the fabulous outcome that will magically take place at the hands of some of the most talented artists in the industry. 

When Lisa returns to face her public (and the hosts) after her makeover, she hasn't yet seen the results of her day in the spa. In fact, the audience gets to see her "after" self before she does. By the ecstatic look on her boyfriend's face (who was waiting patiently in the studio audience) you can tell that it's likely that she will be pleased with the results.

When Lisa finally gets to gaze upon her reflection in the giant mirror onstage, she is overcome with emotion - a gratifying combination of shock, surprise, delight, and joy! The hair alone is enough to take 20 years of her looks.

We are so happy for Lisa and proud of her willingness to take a risk for the audience's entertainment. In the process, she received a gift of a lifetime - to turn back the clock and let the young woman inside of her come out to play!

That's an astounding change, don't you agree? I sure wish Rachael Ray would give me a call - if I could look like that!! Great job, ladies!!

To see the entire process, you can click on the video, below.

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