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Great Dane Sneaks Into Trash. When Confronted, His Response His Totally Unexpected And Hilarious

February 28, 2018

Oh, I love dogs! They have the best personalities and biggest hearts, and sometimes, dogs are simply just hilarious.

If you’re a dog lover like me, you’ll love this video about a dog who got caught red-handed. His name is Seven and he is massive Great Dane with one of the funniest attitudes we’ve ever seen!

Seven had just done something that he knew he wasn’t supposed to do: he snuck into the trash! After he’s committed the crime, he casually walks away and plops himself up on the cozy couch. That’s when his owner enters the crime scene…

“Seven!” she yells….

Seven is practically un-phased by his owner’s frustration. She looks at him waiting to scurry over and ask for forgiveness, but he’s hardly interested in a peace offering. Instead, he continues to lay comfortably on his couch.

Seven’s owner is in shock!! After realizing that Seven couldn’t care any less, she starts recording his unapologetic demeanor.

“Seven!” she asks again. “Did you get into the trash?”

Without even batting an eyelash, Seven calmly steps up off the couch, walks around the living room, and heads for a very tiny doggy door. A doggy door that is meant for a much smaller dog, perhaps a chihuahua…

The size of the door doesn’t stop Seven! It doesn’t even phase him. Seven sticks his giant legs through the door, followed by his head, and believe or not, his whole body!!! How in the world he got through the door is beyond me!
Watch Seven make one of the most hilarious escapes ever in the video below!


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