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Prince Harry Makes Startling And Heartbreaking Never-Before-Heard Confession That Has Fans Gasping In Utter Disbelief

May 30, 2019

One of the British Royal Family’s shining stars has made the headlines - again - for another bold admittance and fans are totally shocked as this untold revelation.


Prince Harry has been staying pretty busy these days. I mean, around a year ago, he was marrying the love of his life in front of the entire world. Less than a month ago he was standing beside his bride introducing their first child to the entire world. He didn’t have much downtime following this, though.


He’s continued to stay incredibly active and busy with his work schedule from all of his traveling, engagements, and royal events. Somehow, just like all the others in the family, he’s gotten the life-work balance/juggling act down to an art form.

In spite of how busy he truly is, he continues to make time for his new little family and his extended one as well. When he’s away from them, they always manage to surface in conversations he has with fans or reporters.


Recently, he opened up and answered a question many had been wondering about for many years now. One reporter had an opportunity to sit down with the Prince and somewhere during their conversation, she pointed out the fact that he had missed his niece, Charlotte’s, birth. This was a shocking thing for such a family-centered fellow such as he.


She said: “Oh, you were away for the birth of Princess Charlotte. Did you feel that you missed out on this big moment for your brother and sister-in-law?” His response is one that not only rocked her but all those who heard it as well.

He turned to her and replied: “Look, when you’ve been in the Army and when you lost your mother at the age that I did, you toughen up.”


Despite his happy-go-lucky and chipper day-to-day personality, he still has a hurt from his childhood that will never heal. From the moment he lost his mother, he instantly became a different person, shaping the man he is today.


While we know that he would have loved to be present for the birth of his one and only niece, he had a way of coping with it in spite of it all. Thankfully, it’s pretty clear to see that he adores her completely and is quite a wonderful uncle not only to her but to her brothers as well.

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