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Homeless Orphan Boys Beaten, Robbed, And Raped. After Years Of Suffering, International Pop Star Took Matters Into His Own Hands

April 02, 2018

So many times, we stumbled upon stories that truly change our lives. Stories of unlikely heroes who make the most massive difference. This story is one of the most exceptional and overwhelming stories we’ve ever come across. That’s why we’ve decided to share it with you.


In 2017, international superstar, Ed Sheeran, filmed a documentary with Comic Relief that had hoped to bring attention to those who were less fortunate. Ed and a crew traveled to Liberia, Africa where they spent time in the slums. They very quickly learned that life in the slums of Liberia was far worse than they had ever imagined.


Ed started his journey on a beach. After seeing several wooden canoes on the beach, Ed realized that the canoes were actually “homes” for young boys. This realization shook him to his core.

After the boys woke up, Ed had the chance to talk with one of them. What he learned was a pure tragedy.

One young boy named JD shared his heartbreaking reality with Ed. Ed learned that JD had been homeless for 6 months since his mother and grandparents were killed and that his father had abandoned him. Throughout his time on the streets, he had seen his friends beaten, robbed, and rapped. He could hardly get through the interview and even Ed was having a difficult time holding back tears.

When Ed asked JD what he wanted to be when he was older, JD simply replied that he wanted to get an education and go to school and one day, he hoped to become the President. Ed smiled with hope. JD said his dream was to create schools and feed entire communities. He wanted no child to go through what he had to go through.

Ed saw JD’s ambition and knew that he could do something about it to make a difference; to make all the difference. He made it his mission to house JD and his five friends. He knew that they were at the impressionable age and any more time was wasted, the children wouldn’t have much a chance to ever have a good life.

Ed put the children up in a hotel with a trusted adult. He’s funding their stay and doing everything in his power to protect the future of the children that’s he’s met. You, too, can help children like JD by visiting the organization that inspired Ed’s trip to Liberia, Red Nose Day. Click here to visit the page!

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