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Homeless Pitbull Mom Refuses To Leave Her Newborn Puppies! When Rescuers Arrived They Are Shocked At How Many They Find! [VIDEO]

April 27, 2017

Then Eldad moved in to try to remove the puppies; mom was very hesitant to let anyone near her babies. 

Once Eldad was able to take hold of the first puppy, he held it out for mom to see; mom gave the puppy a kiss before allowing Eldad to take it! 

One by one the puppies were found, kissed by mom, and then put in the car to keep warm! 

Once all the puppies were out, it was mom's turn; getting her into her transport cage took some effort but eventually Rainbow and her puppies were all secure and ready for the ride to the shelter! 

After they were taken to the shelter, Rainbow was given a warm blanket to lay on while her puppies fed! 

The puppies numbered EIGHT in all; 5 girls and 3 boys! 

Rainbow and her puppies are now happy, healthy and growing, and awaiting their forever homes! 

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