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House Fire Nearly Kills Family Puppy. After Hope Is Lost, These Heroic Firemen Step Up And Say “Get Ready For A Miracle.”

March 07, 2018

This next story is truly a miraculous one; after a house fire in Birmingham, West Midlands, firefighters rush to aid all who were wounded by the catastrophe. One soul, a black Labrador puppy named Buster, was pulled from the house just moments before it began collapsing. Just when everyone thought it was a too late, a miracle happened.

Buster was abandoned in the burning house after the owners couldn’t find him. With only seconds to spare, they looked everywhere for their new puppy. Their hearts were broken as they just barely escaped the burning home without their family dog.

After all of the people were saved from the home, the owners begged for the firemen to run back into the house and search for their new puppy. The home was only seconds from collapsing, but the owners desperately begged the firemen.

Without wasting one more second, they ran back into the blazing home. After a couple minutes, the emerged… Buster was laying in their arms.

More firefighters rushed towards the puppy, but he appeared to be lifeless. As his body lay limp, one fireman quickly placed an oxygen mask on Buster’s face. Huddled around Buster as though we were their own puppy, the men began to pet and pat him, trying to stimulate his body with their touch and love.

Still, no signs of life…

Then, after what felt like years, Buster opened his eyes!

The firemen all let out a sigh of relief! Buster’s eyes were bloodshot and his body was incredibly weak. They pet him and continued to give him oxygen, for they knew he desperately needed it.

These firemen stepped up to save Buster’s life when it looked like it was too late. They risk their lives each and every day to save not only people but animals too. They are heroes. Take a look at the incredible footage of Buster taking his first breathes after being rescued from the flames.


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