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Kate Middleton’s True, Unbridled Feelings About Meghan Markle Finally Exposed - Now, It’s All The Internet Can Talk About

June 13, 2019

There’s plenty of news to go around concerning the British Royal Family and it certainly won’t be slowing down anytime soon.


They keep the press on their toes with their numerous events, parties, appearances, and royal gatherings. They’re a family unlike any other, so it comes as no surprise why they’re adored and admired by fans young and old from every corner of the globe.


One of the biggest and longest-running stories concerning the family is the alleged feud between the Sussex family and the Cambridge family. While out in public, they all retain a great deal of poise and respect for the others, but it’s the continual signs of tension between them that seem to be setting off the most alarms.


It has been said for some time that Kate and Meghan do not get along very well. While that may or may not be true - that’s only something they’ll know with certainty - people have been led to believe that they’re more at odds now than ever before.


In fact, it was recently revealed that Kate actually is a bit jealous of Meghan. Her reasons, though, will shock you more than the fact itself.


One royal insider told sources that Kate actually envies Meghan’s public persona. “While the Duchess of Cambridge comes off as the picture of poise and grace, her outer confidence belies the anxiety she feels below the surface - especially at big events.”


They continued: “This is where Kate’s admiration for her sister-in-law apparently comes in. Being in front of a crowd and mingling with the people comes so easily for Meghan. Putting herself out there is apparently something Kate struggles with.”


“Kate still finds these huge public events overwhelming. She’s always been naturally shy. She knows she has a responsibility to be front and center, given that one day these events will be in honor of her husband. It’s something she’ll have to work on for the rest of her life. Truth be told, she envies her sister-in-law Meghan’s ease in front of crowds.”


While this is absolutely nothing like fans expected to hear, it does make sense. Kate truly has a more quiet and reserved spirit about herself whereas Meghan seems to thrive in front of an audience. I’m sure having the support of one another will help them both in the long run in the royal ventures that lie ahead for them.

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