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If You Love Animals, You Will Absolutely Adore This Rabbit's Instagram Account

August 16, 2017

Rabbits are one of the most adorable and fuzzy creatures in the entire world as I’m sure you’ll agree! They bound around all full of energy and playfulness and give great kisses with their adorable little noses. Bunny Rabbits are always an adorable animal to see, and they make everyone happy with their soft coats!

Mason is a holland lop rabbit who has his very own Instagram account! Mason took over the Instagram on April 29, 2014  after the death of the bunny Louise who starred on the account before him. Mason was five months old when he began to fight for the position of Instagram Star. Mason’s early Instagram posts featured him lounging about and enjoying the best life a bunny can have!

As the cuteness factor of his photos grew, so too did his follower count. Mason began take photos wearing glasses and eating bananas! He even took photos in a kissing booth - and with his head on a Hollister Model’s Body! However, even as his popularity grew he made sure to take time for the small things - like helping his Momma study and making schedules of what he needs to do that week!

On April 8, 2017, Mason got a partner to help him out on his Instagram account! Mei is a young hotot rabbit who has gorgeous black markings around her eyes, making it look as if she is wearing eyeliner! Mei loves to pose in all sorts of ways and seems to be enjoying her Internet fame as well! You can find her teasing her brother, hiding in the sheets, or even planning sneak attacks in her adorable photos!

Rabbits make amazing pets for the right people! You can train them to do simple tricks and even use a litter box! Sadly, you can’t seem to make them learn not to chew on wires. If you have a pet rabbit, you have to be careful when you let them out that they don’t destroy all of your belongings or electrocute themselves! These gentle friends need large enclosures to be entirely happy and should never be left unattended when not secured safely!

Sadly, some people out there see Mason and Mei as nothing more than a potential dinner! Whole Foods even sold Rabbit Meat until people began to petition and protest. Thankfully, the world is beginning to see these adorable creatures as the playful companions they are! 

Mason and Mei’s Instagram account currently features over 475 posts that have given them a whopping 66,700 followers! These adorable bunnies are certainly a fan favorite among all rabbit lovers!

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