In A Photo Booth, Wife Reveals To Husband She’s Pregnant. His Emotional Response Will Make you Cry

September 05, 2017

Enjoying each others company, this husband and wife are on a date, just the two of them. Hoping to end their beautiful evening with a few quick photos from a nearby photo booth; they climb on in. Squeezing together, the husbands asks, “What are we doing?” the wife responds immediately by saying “I don’t know just smiling first, we’ll wing it.”


The couple squeezes together with big smiles on their faces and, before the camera even has a chance to take an image, the wife flashes a white baby bonnet toward the camera with the word “baby” embroidered on the front. Her husband, still unaware of the wife’s surprise announcement, continues with the picture-taking and goes in for the typical, “kissing”, photo booth picture. At that moment, the wife stops him and turns the baby bonnet her husband’s direction. There, he finds himself face-to-face with the word “baby.”

After taking a few seconds for everything to register, his whole face begins to light up. Making sure he’s not dreaming, he questions his wife one last time. She then responds with an answer that confirms their new reality; they’re going to be parents. The husband immediately bursts into tears along with his wife. Joy encompasses both of their faces and their hearts explode with elation.


As they sit there hugging, crying, and kissing in the photo booth, the camera keeps flashing; capturing every beautiful moment and emotion along the way. Watching this video you will notice just how genuinely in love and over-joyed this husband and wife are. They have been given one of the greatest gifts a couple could ever receive. Enjoy watching their inspiring love; plus his reaction will make you cry!

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