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World Famous ‘America’s Got Talent’ Star Admits The Honest Truth About A Secret Battle She’s Been Facing, And The Reason Is Utterly Heartbreaking

January 30, 2019

In 2009, the world fell head over heels in love with a budding young star just on the brink of international fame. At the time, she was nine years old and the world was instantly starstruck by her undeniable talent.

The angelic youngster, Jackie Evancho, won America’s Got Talent by leaps and bounds. Since that moment, her fame has continued to escalate.

Nine whole years have passed since she became a household name and she continues to wow young and old with her larger-than-life voice. Recently, she made a public admittance about a situation in her private life that has devastated fans of all ages.

The now 18-year-old broke down and admitted that she struggles with an eating disorder. Her reason is even more heartbreaking than her admittance. She firmly believes that it all stemmed from her rapid rise to fame at such a tender age.

“I’m just a perfectionist at heart, and that includes myself and what I see I am - I want it to be perfect to me, and unfortunately, I can’t do that. I do think that growing up in the spotlight, being a kid, being surrounded by all these adult women who are beautiful and slender and tall was really difficult for me because I wanted to be that and I wasn’t.”

She continued: “And then I started to hit puberty and I got my womanly curves and everything, and it was, for lack of a better word, triggering.”

“It wasn’t happening the way I had envisioned it. And me being a perfectionist, I was trying to, as the process is occurring, trying to switch things around and tweak it, and as a result, I ended up developing issues from it, from trying to control everything,” she admitted.

“I was in denial even throughout treatment for it. There was a lot of hiding, a lot of sitting in my room alone and thinking and crying...I wanted to seem like that strong role model. I wanted to be perfect,” she finished.

Her real and honest moment really hit home to many of her devout fans and they, too, were overcome with heartache and grief over hearing about her silent struggle. We are so glad she finally chose to come forward with the truth.

Hopefully, throughout this, she will be the light and encouragement that some other young girls truly need this day and age. There is no perfect person, no perfect figure, and we’re all uniquely and wonderfully made just the way we are.

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