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Kate Middleton Took A Huge Risk With The Queen’s Christmas Present And Her Response Was Enough To Make Kate Cry

December 27, 2017

Christmas can be a difficult time of year and for so many reasons. For instance, finding the perfect gift can add so much pressure to an already busy season. But just imagine that you had to get a gift for The Queen of England. What would you get the woman who has everything, literally?

That’s one struggle that Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, knows all too well. For the past six Christmases, she has had to consider the perfect gift for her grandmother-in-law, The Queen of England. It’s hard enough to find the perfect gift for an in-law, but The Queen? Now that’s a whole new level of stress!

Kate Middleton married into the family in April 2011. When she married Prince William, she gained the most famous family in the world as her own. Since then, Kate and William have welcomed two small children: son, Prince George, and daughter, Princess Charlotte. The two are set to welcome their third child in April 2018.

While Kate has blessed The Queen with two of her seven great-grandchildren, she was not excluded from getting her a Christmas gift. Kate racked her brain wondering what she could possibly get Queen Elizabeth that she didn’t already have. For weeks, she considered different knick-knacks, but surely she couldn’t give The Queen of England just anything!

Kate thought back to her roots and considered what she used to do for her own grandparents. She asked herself, “What would I want to give my own grandparents? Oh, I can make her something!” Kate knew that making a gift was a bold move, but it would definitely be special! She laughed after she realized that making a gift could go horribly wrong, but she still decided to go with it!

That’s when Kate got the idea to make her own grandmother’s famous marrow chutney! While it’s certainly uncommon for a gift, Kate couldn’t have chosen a better surprise for her grandmother-in-law. Kate anxiously awaited The Queen’s opinion of the chutney, but her response was more than Kate ever imagined!

On Christmas Day, right as the family was getting ready to eat breakfast, Kate noticed the chutney on the table. She was so thrilled that she could have cried! The Queen shared that she adored the marrow chutney and was so grateful for it. Kate never expected her gift to be shared with the family, especially at the coveted Christmas morning breakfast!

While a homemade gift can be daring, it’s always memorable. Better yet, when it’s good, it’s usually a home run! Sounds s though Kate’s risk paid off big time! I wonder where I could get some!

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