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Kayaker Is Shocked When A Seal Decides To Climb On Board With Him, Becoming Fast Friends

February 12, 2018

On a warm summer day, a kayaker decided to paddle out into the bay near his house, looking to take in the sea life. He loved to spend his time on the Ocean, feeling the salty breeze on his skin and just being at one with nature.

He certainly wasn’t expecting this trip to bring him as close to nature as it did! As he approached the bridge over the cove, a seal came over to check him out curiously, apparently wondering what he was up to being out there in a boat so much smaller than everyone else's.

The seal decided it wanted a better view of him and jumped up onto the boat! Thankfully, they managed to make sure the small boat didn’t tip over and spill them both into the open ocean. The kayaker wasn’t sure what to do and merely laughed, grinning at his new companion.

Eventually, he decided to paddle back toward shore as he was unsure what to do! The seal didn’t want to leave his new friend behind and was more than happy to tag along as they headed to the beach.

The seal still didn’t leave, so the kayaker decided that the best thing he could do was to record the moment! There was no way that anyone would believe that a seal had jumped onto his vessel and rested his head on his shoulder without proof!

The seal continued to hang around for a few minutes after the recording stopped before he moved on with his life. The two friends parted ways, both moving on with their days and their lives. This kayaker was left with a video and a moment he will never forget, no matter how long he lives.